Delaware Submarine Association, Inc.


Delaware Submarine Association Pays Tribute to Crew of KRI Nanggala-402

The Indonesian Submarine KRI Nanggala-402 went missing on April 21, and was confirmed lost on April 25, with 53 souls aboard. Whether it be in peace or wartime, the operation of a submarine, an extremely complex machine, in planet earth's most hostile environment, is at the very least, a formidable task. The sailors selected for submarine service are among the brightest and most high motivated in every navy which employs their use. Lost submarines under any flag, and especially those of Allied nations, tear at the soul of every submariner. It is very easy for a qualified submariner to transport himself to that place and time, and imagine what every man would have been doing during that casualty. I firmly believe that is what sets our unique community apart. On behalf of the Command and Crew of the USS Delaware (SSN 791), and the Board of Directors of the Delaware Submarine Association, we offer our deepest condolences to the families of the lost submariners, and to the people of Indonesia. Godspeed Nanggala-402.